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Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Review

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Is it just me or has allergy season been crazy strong this year?? Just about everyone I talk to has been going through extremely uncomfortable allergy symptoms these past few months… and no kidding, every time I go out to my car my windshield is covered with pollen! I was never one to suffer from seasonal allergies before, but lately it has been affecting me like crazy.

From a dry cough to stuffy, itchy and runny nose. The worst and most uncomfortable for me has definitely dry, irritated and itchy eyes. There is nothing worse that my eyes bothering me day in and day out. For so many months I just dealt with the discomfort and didn’t really do anything about it, but a few weeks ago I came across an amazing program with Moms Meet and Similasan Allergy Eye Relief— it was like a match made in heaven. I immediately signed up for the program, and a couple of weeks later I received a package from Similasan with so many of their amazing products, including quite a few bottles of their Allergy Eye Relief Drops. I was excited to try them immediately!

Just after a couple of uses I was already beginning to feel relief from dry itchy eyes, and the redness began to ease up as well. There were days where I only needed to use it a couple of times, but there were others where I found myself using their eye drops throughout the day which gave me so much relief! It made me so comfortable knowing that Similasan’s products stimulates the body’s natural defenses and uses only natural active ingredients.

Two of these natural active ingredients found in Similasan products are Eyebright and Sabadilla plants:

Eyebright (Euphrasia) is intended to temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as a thick mucus and/or watery discharge, redness, and swelling of the eyelid. Sabadilla is intended to temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as watering eyes and eyelid redness.

Similasan USA

They keep harsh ingredients out of their products such as Vasocontrictors which constrict blood vessels and as a result cause what’s known as the “rebound effect,” common vasoconstrictor chemicals are naphazoline hydrochloride and tetrahydrozoline. Antihistamines are another harsh chemical you won’t find in Similasan products such as Pheniramine maleate or ketotifen fumarate.

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to try such a great and effective product that is natural, gentle to use and effective. Dealing with seasonal allergies is annoying, but I am also not looking to completely mask the symptoms with products that contain bad ingredients that are harmful to my body. Similasan offers temporary relief that helps me get through my day comfortably!

As a big THANK YOU for this review, they are offering you and all of my readers a wonderful COUPON which can be used for any Similasan product!! Shop online or in a store near you and give them a try. Trust me, you’re going to love everything they have to offer!

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