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I Work Out Because I Want to… Not Because I Have To

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Fitness was never my thing. I wasn’t into sports growing up and I could never commit to a gym membership for more than a year (with only a handful of appearances). There was, however, a brief period of time in my life that I really got into it– I was going to a yoga studio and doing a lot of outdoor activity. This only lasted about two years before I ditched it and went back to my old ways.

My on and off relationship with working out has been a bumpy one and it wasn’t until recently that I really started to get into it again. At the beginning of July I made the conscious decision to make a big change in my life (you can read all about my 28 Days of Mindful Changes post HERE).

It wasn’t until I was faced with a major choice to make that I was finally able to find joy in working out. I no longer feel like I have to work out, I honestly want to work out now… why? because it makes me feel amazing! Not only has it helped with my personal weight loss, it has also helped with my mental health. I honestly don’t even stress about how much weight I am losing. I don’t even have a weight goal anymore because it was putting a lot of pressure on me. Going to the gym, or going on a walk has become part of my routine… it took a little while to get here, but I did it! Typically I move my body five times per week, this is what works with my schedule. If I do less, I don’t stress about it, but there are also days that my body just wants to do something active so I listen to that. As Elle Woods once famously said, “exercise give you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!”– and she was so right! There is no better feeling than feeling HAPPY.

There are so many people today, so many women, that feel this crazy pressure to look a certain way. Wether it’s because they feel they need to impress their peers, or that they need to have a certain image for social media– whatever the reason, it can have a very negative impact on someone. The expectations are too high and when you feel like you have to do something, rather than do it because you truly enjoy it, is a disaster just waiting to happen. When I was sporadically singing up for “8 week challenges” or when I was putting a deadline to my #weightlossjourney goals, I failed more times than I succeeded. It wasn’t until I made the mindful changes and found my WHY that I started to feel the difference between needing to do it and wanting to do it.

So why do I choose to workout? Because I enjoy it… because it makes me feel good and feel happy. The results and changes that are happening to my mind, body and soul are exciting, but I am mostly proud of the commitment I am making for my health.

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