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3 Things I Am Giving Up This Month

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There are a lot of personal changes I want to make in 2020. A lot of my goals include things like personal development, self awareness, healing myself and growing as an entrepreneur. When it comes to my health, there are 3 very obvious things that I know I need a break from, especially now that the Holidays are officially over!

Alcohol. Refined Sugar. Caffeine.

As some of you might already be aware of, I have been struggling with my health for quite some time now. Both my physical and mental health has been nothing but frustrating, difficult and emotionally draining. I am well aware that what I have been putting in my body plays a huge part in my struggle, along with hormone issues which it that much harder to heal myself.

In the photo below you can see that my skin is a huge issue for me. Growing up having totally clear skin, struggling with adult/hormonal acne has been devastating and extremely frustrating. Also notice that in this photo I am wearing full on make up (coverup and all) and you can still see my acne showing through (along with that lovely lipstick stain in my front tooth).

One of the main reasons why I am giving up alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine this month is because I am tackling my problematic skin head-on. In addition to eliminating those three things from my diet in January, I am also adding more bone broth for my gut health, more water (because, duh), and more fresh juices (specifically green juice and watermelon juice).

What is Bone Broth? and why you should start drinking it

Bone Broth is the broth made by simmering beef of poultry bones for an extended period of time (typically 20-24 hours) which allows the minerals, collagen and nutrients to extract from the bones. Bone Broth can be used for cooking but also makes a great tonic that you can sip on which generates numerous health benefits such as: healing and sealing the gut, join health, supports collagen strength, skin health, and may even aid with better sleep.

Alcohol vs Skin

“Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin,” says New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez. Alcohol dehydrates the skin at an extreme rate, it actually drains the fluid right out of your skin. Alcohol also causes inflammation (i.e. when my acne flares up after I have a few drinks or drink multiple days in a row).

Refined Sugar vs Skin

Refined sugar causes inflammation. Inflammation produces enzymes that damage the collagen in our skin causing it to dehydrate and age more rapidly. It can also aggravate symptoms of rosacea and acne.

Caffeine vs Skin

The debate between caffeine and healthy skin is a little bit debatable. While coffee (or caffeine) does not directly cause acne, it can aggravate existing acne. Caffeine may elevate stress levels by boosting stress hormones which can tigger breakouts and inflammation.

In conclusion, I do not think I am giving up a whole lot and this doesn’t mean I am never going to have a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee ever again. But in hopes to better my skins health, it is definitely worth testing this out to see how it can improve my overall complexion. Adding more bone broth, water, fresh juices (and face masks!) to my daily routine will also support my goals. I am excited to see what kind of progress I make when January comes to a close!

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